Annabelle Barton

Unexpected Encounters with a Wall

The context of my body of work is exploring hidden forces at play and controlling of actions, something a wall could also be symbolic of.

For The Manifesto of the Wall I have taken an idea from a childhood memory …..

Near a childhood home of mine was a field I played in that had an unexpected area of bouncy rubbery-ness. I don’t know for sure, but my friends and siblings deduced that rubber tyres must have been dumped there at some point and over time subsumed into the landscape, thus creating a bouncy bit of grass we used like a trampoline.

For this project I would like to bring about a similar unexpected encounter. 
By concealing magnets within the wall and out of view it will enable unanticipated surprising possibilities, metal objects or iron filings will be subjected to the force field of the magnets, available for interaction by the viewer. 
My objective is to leave the magnets in position after the show to become part of the wall’s history. It might be that in the future somebody will discover the strange phenomena in the wall and experience the same delight I had in happening upon the rubbery field.