Brigit Edelmann

I understand art as a dialogue between myself as an artist, the artwork itself and its viewers. Art has to move, to have the potential to change our view of life and our perspectives. 
I understand my work as a part of this movement.

An important theme in my work is orientation - in society, in rooms, in space. I’m interested in how we navigate our way through life or spaces, how we orientate ourselves and in relation to what. Together with this, I am interested in places that exist and at the same time don’t (exist), such as public places footpaths - liminal places, transit and threshold.

Another part of my work is to look into the act of moving, of not standing still. We live in a moving world; everything around us is in motion. Therefore I see my artwork as unfixed, it often involves an audience, inviting people to participate in different ways so they become a part of the work and furthermore of an exhibition.