Flaut M. Rauch

The ironic - esoteric character of this installation, Flaut Michael Rauch caricatures the laboring objectively scientific thinking models.

The tamed terms 

„Because it is the law of gravity, and can be a universe itself is created out of nothing,"
Steven Hawking

Greed at it's about a wall installation that deals with fruit jelly and gravitation.
On the wall of a square is visible from 50cm x 50 cm molten fruit gum which exposes the gravity and forms a performance in the smoke.
The fruit gum is a component of many of my works and is reminiscent of what a playful and childlike. But I always put in this material has a scientific reference and thus play also.
Why does the fruit gum remain on the wall?
Why is gravity so weak?
Compared to the other forces of nature, gravity is a real pushover. So it is 10 to the power 40 times weaker than the electromagnetic force that holds atoms. But why? The best explanation comes from the so-called string theory. Thus, the universe has more than the usual three spatial dimensions, possibly even ten. Accordingly, the gravity would therefore be so weak, because they, unlike the other forces in these other dimensions can work into it. We therefore see only a fraction of their true strength. The evidence could be provided by experiments in which the attraction is examined between objects on very short distances. The Large Hadron Collider, a giant particle accelerator at CERN near Geneva, physicists hope, an ultimate answer to finden.Die weak effect of gravity is something for which we should be grateful. If it were only slightly more, people would not exist. As part of the birth of the universe, both matter and an expanding spacetime in which could exist this matter arose. While the gravity held the matter, drove asunder the space expansion of matter - and the further they drifted apart, the weaker was their mutual attraction. It turns out that the struggle between these two forces stood on a knife edge. If the space expansion would have been stronger than the attraction of gravitation, would never be able to form galaxies. 
If on the other hand, the gravitational been much stronger, stars and galaxies would quickly collapse into itself - and the whole universe would
have collapsed into itself. Only the exact balance between expansion and gravity makes life possible. "
Source P.M.